Specialists on Hand

With a wide range of specialist skills available from the traditional injury and pain management to education and training, SoH provide a holistic approach to your recovery and continued health.

Casting( including water proof)

Usually after a fracture you will be placed in a plaster cast. We can provide one that is waterproof so you can swim and shower with it on.

Chronic pain management

Pain that persists for longer than 3 months is considered to be chronic and difficult to manage. We can help you with home programs and active treatment to reduce your pain.

Comprehensive Evaluation of the injury/condition

This may include finding out what the injury or condition is through a number of evaluation tools such as range of motion; strength; presence of inflammation or swelling etc.

Education to community groups

We can provide education sessions on different diagnoses, prevention strategies and treatments available, as well as training and consultation if needed.

Wound care and scar management

From removal of sutures; to dressing changes to prevention and management of hypertrophic scars.